PDA Wholesale Suppliers – Selling and Marketing PDAs As Wholesale Suppliers

A personal digital assistant or PDA in its colloquial term is a handheld computer, smaller than a palmtop computer but with similar capacity. It has a colored screen and has audio capabilities. Newer models of PDAs can now be used as a mobile phone or a smartphone. It can function as a web browser and a media player too. Most PDAs are now capable of accessing intranet and Internet via the wireless technology. They are now used in the field of medicine to aid in making diagnosis and in sports particularly cross-country competitions. Basically there is already an established market for the PDA wholesale suppliers.

The Virtual Assistant in PDAs

With mobile technology becoming very common, getting a PDA has become more of a necessity than a luxury. A PDA is your virtual assistant. It can be your reminder, webmaster, or your personal assistant and can be very handy especially for those who are always busy as a bee. PDAs are the assistants you never had in your life. It stores information that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Having a virtual assistant in a PDA can also be very helpful for business owners. It can even boost your business. Or it may even be a profitable concept for a new business, PDA wholesale suppliers.

PDA Selling

Finding PDA wholesale suppliers for your wholesale business can be a headache, but when you know what you’re looking for, then it’s a battle half won. There are actually several PDA wholesale suppliers you may bump into, online and off. You just have to choose one that you can fix terms and make a good deal with. And once you have decided on your supplier, then your business kicks off. With the rising demand of PDAs, it’s just like selling pancakes. And with ecommerce on the move, selling can be done online.

Marketing the PDA Business

Similar to selling, marketing can also be done online. Ecommerce is still the way to do it. You can submit your website to search engines like Yahoo! or Google. You may also submit your site in classified ads of Sell.com or directories like Yahoo Shopping Directory or Dmoz. Or simply create a blog. Write a short article then be sure to put a link to your website. You may also go traditional and do marketing through print ads, create posters or pass out calling cards. These are just some of the ways to market your PDA wholesale business.

How to Avoid Having Two Separate Businesses to Market Even If You Offer Two Services

I get a lot of questions from small business owners who have two major problems they solve or two services they offer in one business. I’m not really sure why this is so prevalent-but I have a feeling that it might have to do with the reluctance that a lot of small business owners feel when it comes to paring down their services or target audiences.

I know I’m extra-guilty of this. I’ve been advised to just offer logo design, marketing material design or website design-not all three. But I can’t bear the thought of limiting myself to just one area. I think the three are so intertwined that they all need to be addressed together. Because they’re so intertwined, it’s easy to talk about them together.

But, what if the two things you do aren’t actually directly related?

If you’re trying to market two seemingly separate products or services, then it might be tempting to separate them and create two companies-one to promote service A and another to promote service B. But, along with two companies comes marketing twice, That means two logos, two business cards (and wondering which one to hand out to get the most out of networking events!), two websites (and maintaining and updating two websites) and two newsletter lists to keep in touch with your clients.

Two newsletter lists means at least two articles per month, two mailing lists, two newsletter template designs and the need to format two newsletters in your email program. Then you need to add the articles to your website. That winds up being a lot of work-and that’s just if you’re putting each newsletter out once a month.

How to avoid this extra work

Instead of separating your two (or three) services into different companies, or even separating your lists within one company, work on finding out what your services have in common. After all, you’re offering both products or services, so they must involve a common skill or interest or solve a common problem, right?

I call this exercise “finding the thread.” Take a piece of paper, write down your different services and then draw lines connecting them. These lines are your thread-the single factor that connects all the things you do for your clients.

Try to keep the thread simple-you don’t want the connection to be too obscure or not to make sense to your clients.

The thread is often something that comes as second nature to you. You think that this thread is so important that you may do it without noticing. So, asking some of your clients to help you connect the dots or asking a friend or spouse may help you identify the thread more easily.

Once you have found the thread…

Use it as the basis of all of your marketing materials. Instead of focusing your home page copy on your services, focus on the problem that your clients are facing that can be mended with the thread you offer. Build your logo around the thread (which is also often what makes you different from your competition. Your competitors probably don’t have this same thread holding their services together). Write the articles in your newsletter with an emphasis on the thread instead of just writing about the services you offer. And, sew everything you do together by always concentrating on this thread.

If you focus on finding and talking about the thread that holds all of your offerings together, then you won’t have to separate them into different businesses. You’ll be able to make everything you do make sense for your clients in one package. And, you won’t have to do all of that extra marketing work.

Work at Home Moms – The Homebased Business and Online World Focused on You

Moms are Important …

Moms are targeted by online marketers in campaigns for either network marketing, MLM, or direct selling. Often times the work at home moms will be a highly sought after niche target for marketers. The reasons are quite simple really. A huge number of moms choose to stay home to raise their child. This may sound like a noble choice, which it is, however after a period of time a longing of ‘doing something independently’ emerges. A sense of ‘changing scenery’. 

Many moms therefore are caught in a state where they want to be at home with their children, especially when young, and also find that fulfillment which independent living brings. The next step for stay at home moms is searching online for something which may appeal to their circumstances and to their individual interests. 

Moms, which work at home opportunity do You want …

There are many companies which are able to offer different incentives to moms who choose to work from home. Not all of the incentives are based around income. Many MLM companies are extremely hard to generate a good sustainable profit. However some companies may appeal to a moms interest in Health, Personal Development or other. Other direct marketing companies may appeal to a moms interest in selling online a stream of different products without the hassles of a down line to take care of. Many moms love the idea of helping others succeed, being a mentor and of course generating an income which may assist their household to survive and prosper. 

Whichever course a mom chooses to make in order to work from home, they are an important aspect of the homebased business industry. Moms who choose to work from home therefore need to choose their homebased business carefully. They must evaluate what they want to achieve from their business. Do they want to fulfill their interests in health, obtain more money and build wealth etc. These decisions are critical BEFORE jumping into any program online. Why? Because Internet marketers will seduce and manipulate you in order to obtain a work at home mom. 

Moms, don’t be Afraid to follow your Passions!

The online world can be a grand experience which fulfills the need of moms across the globe. By embarking on what fulfills your passions, moms will benefit not only their own needs, but the needs of the world. By doing what you LOVE to do, you benefit those around you. 

To all moms out there - Following your dreams does not mean having to leave your current environment. Bring your dreams to you and succeed. 

“Plan Your Success & Execute Your Plan”  – Nic Faivre